Ductless Heating and Cooling Applications of Capillary Tube Mats

ductless heating and cooling solutions for ceilings, walls, floors and more

Utilise the advantages of eco-friendly surface temperature control with BEKA radiant heating and cooling mats as in the following standard areas or realise your own application ideas.

As the basis element of the capillary tube system, the capillary tube mat can be used for natural and energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling in a wide range of areas and variations like cooling ceiling, underfloor heating, and radiant wall heating

In addition to this general overview of standard applications with detailed assembly instructions in the Download-Area, we introduce applications of ductless heating and cooling solutions for industrial buildings and for individual designs.



  • Olympic Village Vancouver
    Olympic Village Vancouver
  • Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin (Parliament)
    Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin (Parliament)
  • Oberbaum City Berlin
    Oberbaum City Berlin
  • Twin Tower Wien
    Twin Tower Wien
  • Spree Palais Berlin
    Spree Palais Berlin
  • Wine Cellar in Spain
    Wine Cellar in Spain
  • Architects' Office Michael
    Architects' Office Michael
  • Canadian Embassy in Berlin
    Canadian Embassy in Berlin
  • Hôpital de Lagny
    Hôpital de Lagny

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