BEKA Single Pipe Technology for Dry-Lined Ceilings
BEKA Single Pipe Technology for Dry-Lined Ceilings

From few installation steps to high performance

The BEKA single pipe technology is remarkable here through its considerable flexibility in enabling the tube layout to be adjusted during the installation. Thanks to its standardised materials, addition or modifications are still possible as long as the ceiling is not yet closed. With only 50-mm spacing between the heat-conducting tubes, cooling and heating transfer capacities meet even the most demanding requirements.

Standard Components and Simple Installation

The innovative BEKA single pipe technology for dry-lined ceilings is made up of only four individual components: the 5-layer PE-RT pipe, BEKA profile clamp, aluminium heat-conducting profile and mini-manifold connection points for supply and return. The assembly process is almost self-explanatory. After snap-fitting the profile clip to the main profile for the CD structure, the heat conducting profile is clipped in. The PE-RT pipe is then installed with the specified pipe length in the heat conducting profile and connected to the connection points using simple plug-in installation.

As an alternative to installing the BEKA single pipe technology in the on-site CD substructure, at the request of customers BEKA also offers plasterboards that are already factory-fitted with single pipes. These panels are then simply screwed onto the CD support profiles. These panels are also expediently connected using plug-in connector technology.

Construction Practice has Provided the Inspiration here

The BEKA single pipe technology for dry-lined ceilings was developed largely in response to the experience garnered from building processes in interior construction. It is precisely during the almost decisive final phase of interior construction that adjustments often have to be made to the ceiling design. BEKA single pipe technology enables these critical moments to be circumvented with almost playful ease, since the pre-supplied BEKA single pipe material can be used flexibly. Unlike BEKA capillary tube mats or BEKA serpentine copper tubing, the BEKA single pipe technology has no fixed dimensions for the thermally activated surface. The flexible PE-RT pipes can also be easily laid around any new obstacles in the ceiling structure. This not only saves time and trouble, but also does not incur any additional material costs.

Single Pipe Systems

Dry-lined ceilings with single pipe technology

Advantages of Dry-Lined Ceilings with BEKA Single Pipe Technology

  • Only a few assembly steps
  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

The PE-RT pipes are spaced just 50 mm apart from one another in the aluminium heat conducting profiles, providing excellent thermal conduction. The light spring tension provided by the profile clips presses the heat conducting profiles onto the plasterboard. This is a prerequisite for maximum cooling and heating values.


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