Drywall Heating-Cooling Ceiling with 10 mm Single Pipe and Heat Conducting Sheets

4 components ensure the quickest way to a radiant ceiling

These four coordinated components make the BEKA 10 mm single pipe technology a flexible and cost-effective alternative when installing ceiling heating and ceiling cooling in dry construction.

1The 10 mm 5-layer PE-RT heating pipe, durable, diffusion-proof and flexible for easy installation and problem-free integration into existing systems. Laying close to the surface guarantees that the heating / cooling ceiling reacts quickly.

2The aluminum heat conducting profile, for fast and energy-efficient heat distribution on the ceiling surface and for a high heating and cooling capacity.

3BEKA profile clips, for the quick assembly of the heat conducting sheets in the drywall construction CD profiles.

4Mini distributor connection points for flow and return with quick-release couplings for the uncomplicated connection of the heating / cooling circuits.

Self-explanatory installation of the radiant ceiling

The installation of the ceiling heating is almost self-explanatory for specialist companies. After the profile clips have been snapped onto the basic profiles of the CD construction, the heat conducting sheet is clipped in. Then the 10mm PE-RT pipe is installed in the heat conducting profile with a specified pipe length and connected to the connection points by simple plug-in installation. The assembly process and important information are illustrated in the following video.

Benefits of the heating-cooling ceiling with 10 mm PE-RT single pipe

  • Only a few assembly steps
  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Flexibility in planning and assembly
  • High heating and cooling capacities
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

How to install a drywall heating ceiling [03:04min]

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Flexibility is required in construction. Our response: 10 mm single pipe technology

Often, especially in the last phase of the interior work, there are always necessary adjustments to the ceiling design. In such cases, the 10 mm single pipe technology with heat conducting sheets enables a flexible reaction. Adjustments to the pipe arrangement for the ceiling heating can be made during the installation due to the standardised dimensions. Unforeseen obstacles in the ceiling construction can be avoided thanks to the flexible laying technique. Even, the already delivered 10 mm single pipe for the heating / cooling ceiling can be flexibly rescheduled. This saves extra construction costs, time, trouble and additional material.

The nice aspect about the single pipe system is that it can be flexibly adapted on the construction site. Stijn Verheyen, Managing Director Clima Concept, Sales Belgium

Project: Heating-cooling ceiling with 10 mm PE-RT single pipe

Assembly steps

The 10 mm PE-RT pipes of the ceiling heating are spaced at a distance of only 50mm from one another in the aluminum heat-conducting profiles. The slight spring force of the profile clips presses the heat conducting plates onto the plasterboard. These are the prerequisites for the best values for heating and cooling performance.

Product data: Ceiling heating-cooling with 10 mm single pipe [PDF]

Product Sheet - Heating and Cooling Ceiling with 10 mm PE-RT Single Pipe - Heat Conducting Sheets

Group S - 10 mm Single Pipe with Heat Conducting Sheets

Single Pipe Technology

10 mm PE-RT single pipe integrated in plasterboard

As an alternative to the installation of the drywall ceiling with heat conducting profiles, BEKA also produces plasterboards, which are already fitted with an inserted 10 mm PE-RT pipe at the factory. The prefabricated drywall panels are screwed directly onto the CD support profiles. This enables a further reduction in the number of assembly steps on the building site. The connection of these plates takes place in the same way as the installation with heat conducting profiles via plug connectors.

Ready-to-build plasterboard with 10 mm PE-RT heating pipe



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