Drywall Ceiling with Capillary Tube Mats on Top

The light BEKA capillary tube mats are simply placed on the suspended drywall ceiling. Since the individual capillary tubes are also very flexible, they lay themselves on the back of the drywall panel with good thermal conductivity even under the low weight of an applied mineral fibre insulation. Simple design with excellent heat transfer.

Efficient air conditioning without heavy technology

The BEKA capillary tube mats are extremely light and place hardly any loads on standard drywall construction. The capillary tubes lie on top of the gypsum plasterboard with a weight of just around 280 g/m2. Since a large number of the closely spaced, heat-conducting capillary tubes act simultaneously, no additional heat-conducting profiles are used. The capillary tubes nevertheless distribute the heat very evenly and quickly.

With perforated plasterboard panels, the acoustic effectiveness of the construction is not changed by laying capillary tube mats. For quick, time-saving installation, we recommend the K.GK10 type capillary tube mat, which was specially manufactured for the standard dimensions of drywall construction.

Advantages of Dry Lined Ceilings with Capillary Tube Technology

  • Factory-assembled capillary tube mats in the required dimensions
  • Simple and time-saving installation
  • Good value for money

Mats in drywall dimensions, quick installation

The installation of capillary tube mats in a suspended ceiling according to dry construction guidelines requires only little additional effort.

In addition to the production of the capillary tube mats in length and width according to the dimensions of the CD substructure, special clip hooks ensure that the mats can be easily and securely hooked into the CD profiles that have already been installed. The clip hooks secure the mat from falling and at the same time they position the capillary tube mats precisely in the internal space between the support profiles. If desired or necessary, thermal insulation is placed over the capillary tube mats.

The best way to connect the capillary tube mats to one another and to combine the individual capillary tube mats into the control zones is to use plug connectors or alternatively thermal plastic welding. After a brief pressure test to monitor the leak tightness of the installation, the drywall panels are screwed to the CD support profiles as usual, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Ready-to-build drywall panel

As an alternative to the hanging installation, the prefabricated element B.GK12 for drywall ceilings can also be screwed directly onto the CD support profile. The ready-to-build element is a sandwich construction made of gypsum plasterboard with a capillary tube mat underneath, which is embedded in polystyrene thermal insulation. The prefabricated element B.GK12 is available for ceiling use in the standard dimensions 2000 mm × 600 mm or 1500 mm × 600 mm. The ceiling components are connected using flexible hoses and plug connectors.

Capillary tube mats for drywall systems

Buildings with BEKA drywall ceilings and capillary mats


The light capillary tubes lie directly on the top side of the plasterboard and thus pass on the heat without much loss. The low weight of an applied mineral wool insulation reinforces this effect.

Ceiling heating & cooling for single family homes


Energy-efficient radiant heating and low-cost buildings are not a contradiction in terms. This can be experienced at the model house constructed by Bau- und Aufbau GmbH Zahna in Berlin Staaken. The building is equipped with the comfort of ceiling heating and cooling in combination with a heat pump and a photovoltaic system for single-family homes.

Detailed Project brochure model house with ceiling heating