Dry Construction Heating / Cooling Ceiling with BEKA Meandering Copper Pipes

The drywall ceiling with value

The use of copper as a tube material is usually justified by a high energy transmission. The BEKA copper pipe meanders fully meet this expectation.

Selected copper quality, accurate processing

Due to many years of experience, many installers, engineers and builders rely on the good properties of the copper pipe when it comes to reliability and the best heat conduction. For use in the drywall ceiling, the BEKA copper pipe meanders made of the best copper pipe Cu-DHP according to EN 12449, soft R220, are bent at a distance of 80 mm and pressed into the large aluminum heat-conducting sheets under pressure.

Characteristics of drywall ceilings with serpentine copper tubing 

  • Traditional pipe material with high quality and value
  • Easy assembly thanks to prefabrication
  • Very good heating / cooling performance

Factory pre-assembly, simplified installation

After the copper pipes have been pressed into the aluminum heat-conducting sheets, the copper pipe meanders are provided with a suspension construction at the factory, which simplifies the on-site hanging into the drywall CD substructure. Three standard distances between the support profiles are covered by the specified grid dimensions. The pre-assembly of the meanders shortens installation on the construction site and hereby saves installation costs. The copper pipe meanders are connected to each other and to the supply pipes by soft soldering, pressing or with plug connector technology. For all these connection techniques, the pipe ends of the BEKA copper pipe meanders are cleanly calibrated and deburred in the nominal size.

Processing of the copper pipe

BEKA meandering copper pipes are pressed into the aluminum heat-conducting profiles for good thermal conductivity. With the special suspension construction, the copper meanders are hung in the CD substructure. The good thermal contact between the large-area heat-conducting sheets and the drywall ensures direct transfer of the heating and cooling performance.

Technical Data [PDF]

Plasterboard heating-cooling ceiling with integrated pipes

Technical Information