Radiant Heating and Cooling with Copper Pipes

Copper is a proven and recognized material for pipe production. Its use in heating and air conditioning technology has a long tradition and is a commitment to high standards in new building projects. Due to the combination of copper pipe and aluminum as heat conducting sheet, the BEKA serpentine copper pipes achieve high performance values when used in heating and cooling ceilings.

Meandering copper pipes - standards and custom-made components

BEKA copper pipe meanders are bent from copper pipe Cu-DHP according to EN 12449, soft R220 on fully automatic machines and calibrated to the nominal size at the pipe ends. The standard spacing between the pipes is 80 or 100 mm. The copper pipes are pressed into the generously dimensioned heat conducting profiles made of aluminum with good thermal conductivity.

In modern buildings, ceiling design is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. This also increases the demands on cooling ceilings. The use of standard dimensions on meandering copper pipes is in case of complex structures often limited. With our modern production technology, however, it is also possible to produce custom-made copper pipe meanders. The pipe dimensions and the bending radii as well as the distances between the copper pipes can be adapted to the requirements. We are in the position to manufacture even triangular meanders ourselves. This results in new options for interior design without having to ignore the technology of radiant heating and cooling.

Advantages of BEKA Serpentine Copper Tubing

  • Copper guarantees high cooling performance
  • Lasting value
  • High level of standardization
  • Wide spread in the market

High performance, easy installation

Metal cassettes can be equipped with BEKA meandering copper pipes in almost every format. The copper pipe meander is glued into the metal cassettes in a special gluing process under pressure and temperature. As a result, this bond enables excellent thermal conductivity and thus top values for the heating and cooling performance of the copper pipe ceiling. On the construction site, all you have to do is assemble the cassette and connect the meander to the supply pipelines of the heating and cooling ceiling using flexible hoses and plug-in coupling.

For installation in plasterboard ceilings, the BEKA meandering copper pipes are fitted with a suspension structure at the factory, which is hung precisely into the CD profiles of the drywall construction. This also saves valuable time when assembling the meander in dry construction systems on the construction site.

Smooth processes on the construction site

BEKA meandering copper pipes are highly valuable products. All processing steps from manufacture to installation on the construction site are planned, carried out and prepared accordingly with great care. Our quality requirements not only apply to production, but also include packaging that corresponds to the product value and ensures save transport of the goods to the construction site. The copper pipe meanders are also labeled during production and in this way receive precise positioning marks that were previously defined by the installer or planner. Additional sorting of the material on the construction site is avoided and every move can be planned in advance. Smooth processes contribute to the quality of the installation and help avoid unnecessary costs.

Copper Pipe Systems

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