Heating and Cooling Ceilings with Integrated Copper Pipes

Reliability, Tradition, and Value

Copper is a recognised material for producing pipes. Its use in heating and air conditioning has a long tradition. The connection between the copper pipes and aluminium as a heat conducting plate enables BEKA serpentine copper tubing to achieve high performance values in cooling and heating ceilings.

The reason for BEKA serpentine copper tubing – silent thermal room conditioning

BEKA serpentine copper tubes are bent from soft tempered (R220), Cu-DHP copper pipe to EN 12449 standard on fully automated machines without kinking and are calibrated to the nominal dimensions at pipe ends. The pipes have 80 or 100 mm spacing between them as standard. Other dimensions can also be produced on request. The highly thermally conductive copper tubes are pressed into the generously dimensioned heat conducting aluminium profiles.

Standards and Customised Products

Chilled ceilings increasingly have to satisfy unusual wishes with regard to ceiling design. The use of standard dimensions for the serpentine copper tubing is then often restricted. However, modern production technology enables customised BEKA serpentine copper tubing to be produced at any time. The pipe dimensions and the bending radii as well as the spacing between the copper pipes can be correspondingly adjusted according to customer requirements. This even enables triangular serpentines to be produced.

This offers new design variants for interior design without the need to dispense with surface activation.

Advantages of BEKA Serpentine Copper Tubing

  • Copper material stands for high cooling performance
  • High value
  • Considerable market acceptance

Copper Pipe Systems

Icon ceiling heating / wall heating dry construction
Drywall Heating Ceilings

Copper pipe meander for dry construction ceilings

Icon metal coffered ceiling
Metal Coffered Ceilings

Copper pipes integrated in metal cassettes

High Performance and Easy Installation

Metal ceiling panels that are to be thermally activated with serpentine copper tubing can already be equipped in the factory with BEKA serpentine copper tubes that fit almost every format. The serpentine copper tubes are bonded in the metal ceiling panels using a special adhesive process under pressure and temperature. This bonding enables excellent thermal conductivity and thus high cooling and heating outputs. On the construction site, it is only necessary to mount the panels and connect the serpentine copper tubing to the supply pipes for the cooling and heating ceiling using flexible hoses and plug-in connections.

In order for them to be hung in plasterboard ceilings, BEKA serpentine copper tubes are already equipped in the factory with a suspension structure that is precisely fitted into the CD profiles of the dry lining structure. Serpentine copper tubing assembly time is therefore considerably reduced.

Quality also Means Safe Packaging and Safe Transport

BEKA serpentine copper tubes are very high-quality products. Not only does the production process pose considerable quality requirements, but packaging commensurate with the product value must also ensure safe transport of the goods to the building site. BEKA serpentine copper tubes are labelled during the production process and furnished with the positioning marks assigned by the installer or designers.

This avoids having to sort the materials on the building site; it also ensures there is always a precise overview of the materials available.

Precisely matched dimensional tolerances in the components, production steps and deployed machine technology are a crucial prerequisite for achieving an excellent heat-conducting connection between the copper tube and the aluminium heat-conducting plate.