Metal Coffered Ceiling with Heating / Cooling Function

Metal coffered ceilings as well as metal panel constructions are very popular with builders and architects when it comes to designing office spaces because of their acoustic effectiveness and accessibility for service and maintenance purposes. The variety of types of these ceiling systems shows impressively what is possible today with modern sheet metal processing technology in terms of shapes, surface design and color scheme. With BEKA capillary tube mats or meandering copper tubes, metal cassettes can be thermally activated very efficiently without having to compromise on the design.

Specialised in custom-made components

The range of metal cassettes and ceiling sail constructions is largely determined by a high demand for individual solutions. In addition to the thermal activation of cost-effective "standard dimensions", BEKA is therefore also ready to provide complex, custom-made products with heat-conducting pipes.

In principle, metal cassettes and ceiling sails can be thermally activated both with copper meanders and with capillary tube mats. We offer both types from our own production. Since the comparison of these technologies have to take into account the effects of the ceiling shape on the heating / cooling capacity as well as the costs of material and installation, and therefore can be quite complex in individual cases, our technical support is happy to help builders and architects with project-specific calculations in the decision-making process.

Advantages of Metal Acoustic Heating / Cooling Ceilings

  • Aesthetically high-quality ceilings
  • Variety of shapes
  • Acoustically effective
  • High heating and cooling capacities


Why BEKA metal cassettes achieve high heating / cooling performance

The better the heat transfer or the lower the thermal resistance of a construction, the higher the specific heating and cooling capacities that can be expected.

BEKA copper pipe meanders are bent from copper pipes with a diameter of 10 mm. The distance between the copper pipes cannot be less than 60 mm. For better heat distribution, the copper pipe meanders are therefore always connected with large-area heat conducting sheets. The copper pipe has good thermal contact with the metal cassette via the heat conducting sheets. In order to further improve heat conduction, BEKA glues the metal cassettes to the heat-conducting profiles under pressure and temperature. This guarantees excellent heating and cooling performance.

The BEKA capillary tube mats for metal cassettes are manufactured with a distance between the capillary tubes of 10 mm. The entire surface of the cassette is activated efficiently and evenly simply by the number of capillary tubes that become effective. The capillary tube mats can be manufactured in almost any width and adapted to the cassette dimensions. We also glue the capillary tube mat into the cassette at the factory. Due to the low wall thickness of 0.5 mm and the small distances between the capillary tubes, the lower thermal conductivity of plastic compared to the copper / aluminium construction is hardly disadvantageous in terms of specific heating and cooling capacities.

The material and shape of the metal cassettes contribute to the performance

With the large number of possible shapes, materials, surface structures and colors of metal cassettes and ceiling panels, the cooling capacity cannot serve as the sole guide. In numerous projects we have gained valuable experience with different types of metal coffered ceilings. This experience helps our customers to harmonise form and function in new projects.

Buildings with BEKA metal cassettes ceilings

Pre-assembly of metal cassettes

BEKA glues both the capillary tube mats and the copper meanders into the metal cassettes at the factory in order to achieve good heat transfer and the best heating / cooling performance.