Ceiling Heating / Cooling as a Metal Coffered Ceiling with Meandering Copper Pipes

Metal cassettes made of sheet steel or aluminum on the outside and meandering copper pipes on the inside with aluminum heat-conducting profiles - the combination ensures top thermal conductivity values for ceiling heating and ceiling cooling. The metal cassettes enable a modern ceiling design.

The optimal copper meander for every metal cassette

BEKA manufactures the serpentine copper tubing with 80 or 100 mm tube spacing as standard. However, our high-tech, fully automatic production lines also enable it to bend unusual serpentine shapes. This is particularly interesting if the tube spacing cannot be divided evenly as a result of installations in the ceiling cassettes. This enables the ceiling installer or engineer to specifically optimise the active area of the ceiling and thus further increase the overall ceiling performance.

Characteristics of serpentine copper tubing in metal cassette ceilings

  • Broad acceptance of the technology
  • Modern, variable ceiling design
  • Excellent heating and cooling performance
  • Valuable materials

Alternative technology

Special adhesive technology for optimal thermal conductivity

The copper meander technology has been first choice in production and installation for many decades and, with its energetic effects, is recognized as technology for ceiling heating as well as for ceiling cooling. Based on existing experience, many plumbers, engineers and builders opt for this technology when very high specific heating and cooling capacities are required.

In order to further optimize the thermal conductivity, the copper pipe meanders are glued into the metal cassette at our production site using a special pressure-gluing technique. After the gluing procedure, the meandering copper pipes are connected to each other and to the supply pipes using flexible hose connections with plug-in couplings. It's quick and safe.

Our technical support will be happy to assist you with ceiling planning to ensure not only an attractive design but also the best possible energy efficiency.

Pre-assembly of metal cassette with copper tube