Metal Acoustic Ceilings with Serpentine Copper Tubing

Metal Makes an Impact

Metal ceiling panels made of steel sheet or aluminium, serpentine copper tubing with aluminium heat conducting profiles – a combination that creates a cohesive whole. All the properties of these materials play an effective part in achieving a high-performance cooling and heating ceiling.

The Right Serpentine Tubing for Every Panel

BEKA manufactures the serpentine copper tubing with 80 or 100 mm tube spacing as standard. However, BEKA’s high-tech, fully automatic production lines also enable it to bend unusual serpentine shapes. This is particularly interesting if the tube spacing cannot be divided evenly as a result of installations in the ceiling panels. This enables the ceiling installer or engineer to specifically optimise the active area of the ceiling and thus further increase the overall ceiling performance.

Advantages of Serpentine Copper Tubing in Metal Acoustic Ceilings

  • Broad acceptance
  • High cooling and heating capacities
  • Good price-performance ratio

Alternative system

Material Properties as a Product Advantage

Copper and aluminium provide excellent thermal conduction. This inherent feature is once again demonstrated by the BEKA serpentine copper tubing. Metal ceiling panels and sails activated with serpentine copper tubing always achieve very high specific cooling and heating capacities. This advantage is enough to persuade many installers, engineers and builders to opt for this technology. Serpentine copper tubing technology has been used for many decades in manufacturing and installation, and, as a mature technology, is recognised for its high energy efficiency for both cooling and heating ceilings.

BEKA serpentine copper tubes used in metal acoustic ceilings are expediently connected to one another and to supply pipes via flexible hose connections with plug-in couplings. This is achieved quickly and securely.

Metal cassette ceiling - glue in copper pipe
Close the metal cassette
Metal case with a curved copper pipe meander
Metal cassette - glued on copper pipe

In order to achieve the best possible thermal capacities it is essential that the serpentine copper tubes be properly bonded in the metal ceiling panels. BEKA ensures this requirement is met with special pressure-bonding technology.