How Can I Obtain BEKA Products?

Guide to the right product

Each radiant heating and cooling ceiling, wall heating or underfloor heating system is ultimately unique in terms of its spatial geometry and design. For this reason, BEKA offers a wide range of different designs for capillary tube mats and serpentine copper tubes.

But capillary tube mats or serpentine copper tubing are produced according to your specific project in the quantities and dimensions required by you. This means that BEKA does not keep items in stock. Nevertheless, we can supply you within 2 to 3 weeks thanks to our strong production capacity. If you are unable to achieve your goal with the standard versions of our products, we will be happy to discuss with you the option of using custom-made products.

BEKA as Client Consultant

As the client, you will first of all be looking for general information about radiant heating and cooling ceilings, wall heating or underfloor heating when it comes to delivering your building project. This information is provided by our technical support. Should you need further technical advice, we will be pleased to assist you in contacting professional design engineers or installers. The fact that the BEKA consultancy does not relate to the sale of complete, comprehensive systems enables you to implement your own, entirely individual technical solution in your building project. Even if you have chosen one of the BEKA components, you can also use the market with its many possibilities.

BEKA Supports Specialist Planning

BEKA's technical support offers you, as a specialist planner, product-specific, technical information for installing the BEKA capillary tube mats, BEKA serpentine copper tubing or BEKA single pipe technology. The installation instructions have been tested in practice and, where necessary, are matched with the instructions from the manufacturers / suppliers of the other necessary building materials for ceiling, wall or floor construction.

User-friendly calculation tools are available for you to easily calculate the specific cooling and heating capacities and the pressure losses of the BEKA components. Standard tests carried out by approved test laboratories for many standard installation situations will give you planning security.

Your Advantages with BEKA

  • Broad product range
  • Ability to specify just a single product

BEKA Systems

Installers and HVAC Engineers – Typical BEKA Customers

As a specialist installer or HVAC engineer for radiant cooling and heating ceilings, radiant wall heating or underfloor heating systems, you order your specific material requirements for capillary tube mats or serpentine copper tubing directly from BEKA. Use the parts list drawn up by yourself or the engineering office for your order. Based on this, BEKA will then manufacture your project-specific quantities and dimensions with a delivery time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Alternatively, builders, installers and HVAC engineers can also purchase complete systems that incorporate BEKA components. BEKA works in partnership with specialist system vendors and chilled ceiling contractors. If you're interested, please contact BEKA's sales department. The sales department will be pleased to provide you with a list of project-related procurement opportunities.

Do you Require Special Information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc, please let us briefly know what you need.