B.GK12 Type capillary tube mat type, wall version

|   Capillary Tube Mats Group B

The B.GK12 capillary tube mat is a prefabricated unit. These prefabricated units are specially designed for dry-lined construction and can be used for both ceilings and walls.

Prefabricated units are prepared in the factory for efficient assembly so that only the usual dry-lining work has to be carried out on site.

Technical Data:

Structure 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard panel, capillary tube mat (polypropylene), 30 mm polystyrene foam
Collector pipe Ø 20 x 2 mm
Collector tube Ø 3.35 × 0.5 mm
Capillary tube spacing (A) 10 mm
Lenght (L) 2,600 mm
Width (B) 600 mm for screwing on frames
Mass when filled 17,8 kg
Active surface 1.2 m²
Water content 0.46 l/ m²
Cooling capacity* 76 W or 49 W/m²
Heating capacity* 150 W or 96 W/m²
Permissible heating water temperature 45°C
Operating pressure 4 bar
Connection with quick-action couplings 11, connections outside
Field of application For dry-lined radiant cooling/ heating walls

*Capacity achieved under defined conditions

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