C.M10.65 Type serpentine copper tubing

|   Copper Pipe Meander Group C

C.M10.65 serpentine copper tubing with extra wide heat transfer profiles for optimal heat transfer and even heat distribution on the surface being thermally conditioned. The serpentine copper tubing is used for thermally activating metal acoustic ceiling panels and suspended plasterboard ceilings.

On request, the serpentine copper tubing can be pre-bonded to the metal acoustic ceiling panels under factory conditions to achieve optimal thermal conduction.

Technical Data:

Material Soft tempered (R220) Cu-DHP copper pipe to EN 12449
Cooling pipe Ø 10 x 0.6 mm
Wide heat transfer profile 65 mm
Cooling pipe spacing (A) 80 mm
Lenght (L) 580- 2,200 mm (in 10 mm increments)
No. of tubes (n) Min. 2 pieces - max. 12 pieces
Mass when filled 6.11 kg/m²
Water content 0.669 l/m²
Cooling capacity* 80 W/m²
Operating pressure 4 bar
Connection type (aa) 66, straight running 0°
Connection type (aa) - (60 mm pipe ends) 77, straight running 45°
Connection type (aa) - (60 mm pipe ends) 88,  2 x 180° inwards 45°
Connection type (aa) - (60 mm pipe ends) 99,  2 x 90° inwards 45°
Field of application Metal acoustic ceiling systems, plasterboard ceilings

*Capacity achieved under defined conditions

Group C serpentine copper tubing