K.G10 Type capillary tube mat

|   Capillary Tube Mats Group K

The K.G10 capillary tube mat is the mat type for integrating radiant heating and cooling in metal acoustic ceiling systems.

It therefore enables metal acoustic ceiling systems to be constructed or retrofitted as a radiant cooling and heating system quickly, easily and cleanly.

Technical Data:

Material Type 3 polypropylene random copolymer, DIN 8078
Collector pipe Ø 20 x 2 mm
Collector tube Ø 3.35 × 0.5 mm
Capillary tube spacing (A) 10 mm
Lenght (L) 750 - 6,000 mm (in 10 mm increments)
Width(B) 170 - 1,200 mm (in 10 mm increments)
Mass when filled 824 g/m² (without collector)
Exchange surface 1.067 m²/m²
Water content 0.39 l/ m²
Cooling capacity* 83 W/m²
Permissible heating water temperature 60°C
Operating pressure 4 bar
Connection for butt and socket welds 00 (without connections)
Field of application Metal acoustic ceiling systems

*Capacity achieved under defined conditions

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