Single Pipe System

The BEKA single pipe technology utilises 10 mm-diameter, 5-layer PE-RT composite pipes. PE-RT tubes are highly flexible with excellent strength values and high impact strength ensuring long service life with high pressure and temperature resistance, also enabling processing at low ambient temperatures.

BEKA single pipe technology system components are standardised, which is why BEKA always keeps these in stock. Extra components can therefore be delivered in the shortest possible time.


Technical Data:

Material5-layer PE-RT composite pipe, oxygen diffusion-tight to DIN 4726 ISO 24033/22391/31003 ISO 10508 CI.4/6 bar CI.5/4 bar
Heating pipe Ø10 x 1 mm
Installation spacing (A)Aplication-specific between 50-100 mm
Mass when filled330 g/m
Water content48 ml/m
Cooling capacity*70 W/m²
Permissible heating water temperature10°C to 70°C
Operating pressure4 bar
Minimum bending radius70 mm
ConnectionConnection for 10 mm plug connectors, support sleeves should be used with 10 x 1 mm size
Field of applicationInstallation on dry-lined plasterboard panels, plaster ceilings, underfloor heating

*Capacity achieved under defined conditions

Technical data: 10 mm single pipe technology