Osram Courtyards, Berlin

New office building in historic Osram courtyards with single pipe heating cooling ceilings

  • System: BEKA 10 mm single pipe
  • Architects: TCHOBAN VOSS
  • Construction period: 2021
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Use: Offices
  • Design: 2,500 m² heating and cooling ceiling in plaster and dry construction


In the majority of the ceilings, the 10 mm PE-RT pipe was plastered in, and in some areas, it was executed as a drywall ceiling with heat conducting profiles. The installation was carried out in a 4-pipe system for optimal flexibility in seasonal transition periods.
The two newly constructed buildings visually blend in with the industrial architecture of the listed Osram courtyards.


Plaster heating / cooling ceiling with 10 mm single pipe