Modern Heating Cooling Ceiling in Historic Industrial Area


Germany's first light bulbs were produced on the site of the listed Osram-Höfe in Berlin Wedding in 1904. Today, rather intellectual work is carried out behind the brick facades. To ensure that this can take place in a productive working environment, the newly built offices in Seestraße were equipped with heated and cooled ceilings.

The BEKA single pipe technology was used. The 10 mm PE-RT pipe was installed on about 2,000 m² using the plastering method. On another almost 500 m², the installation was carried out in drywall construction with heat conducting profiles.

For the executing cooling ceiling specialist company coolsystem, this was the first project with BEKA single pipe. After initial skepticism, the convinced capillary tube fans were surprised. "In the specifications, oxygen-tight plastic pipe was prescribed, and an alternative in PP was not desired," says managing director and project manager Mirko Grajetzki. "In consultation with BEKA, we then implemented the project with the 10 mm pipe and found that the BEKA single pipe technology could be easily installed and processed."

The building pair has an approximate north-south orientation. Especially in transitional periods, it can therefore happen that some areas still need to be heated, while in others cooling would already be appropriate. The technical prerequisites for this are provided by the 4-pipe system, with which the heating/cooling circuits are connected to the heating or cooling source.

The two similar, connected objects were completed in 2021. As a gap closure of the historic Osram-Höfe, the two new buildings are architecturally oriented to the surrounding brick architecture of the Wilhelminian period.


Single pipe technology: 10 mm composite pipe for cooling ceiling and ceiling heating