Learning from Nature – Efficient Heat Transfer

Due to the large number of adjacent capillary tubes with a small outer diameter, the capillary tube mats offer a significantly greater heat exchange surface than other tube heat exchanger designs. This increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger. The heat transfer can take place even with only slight temperature differences between the media.

The polypropylene material used for the capillary tube mats is very resistant and durable. Heat exchangers consisting of BEKA capillary tube mats have also proven themselves under difficult conditions.

In this section, we are presenting special structures and applications from the BEKA production. These products show the diversity of designs and the expertise of our production. Please let us know about your ideas! We would be delighted to show what can be achieved with capillary mats.

sp.ICE – The Highly Efficient Ice Storage System with BEKA Capillary Tube Mats

sp.ICE is a high-performance ice storage system which, with its compact dimensions and very short charging times, represents a high-end product when used as a full-load storage system. sp.ICE is therefore particularly economical to operate in applications intended to cover peak loads in the cooling demand at times during the day when the electricity rates are at their maximum.

The sp.ICE’s high specific power density enables it to have a compact size, thus minimising the space required for installing the storage unit.

At the same time, this reduces the costs for transporting and commissioning the sp.ICE ice storage units by approximately 30% compared with competitive products.

The housing can either be constructed on the spot as a basin or consist of transportable housing (container). Standardised containers are used for the transportable sp.ICE. These are available in the sizes 10’, 20’ and 40’ as well as in special sizes.

Further information: www.sp-ice.de

Advantages of The sp.ICE Ice Storage System

  • Extremely short charging times of less than 6 hours
  • Efficient ice production at an average charge temperature of only -2,5°C
  • Hgh power density and therefore low space requirements
  • Modular design and thus optimal performance adjustment
  • Low pressure loss
  • Easy transport
  • Excellent price/ performance ratio

Utilising Geothermal Energy with BEKA Capillary Tube Mats

Heat pumps require drive energy, which is usually electricity, and a heat source. Heat pumps that use the temperature freely available in the ground work particularly well.

The robust and durable P series capillary tube mats have been successfully used for many years as compact absorbers in brine-water heat pump systems. In contrast to conventional ground collectors, this therefore enables the heat in the ground in a comparatively small open space to be utilised for operating the heat pump.

Provided that ground conditions are suitable, compact absorbers are inserted in the soil at a depth of about 1.5 m. BEKA supplies this technology to fit the heat pump products from various well-known manufacturers.

Special applications for BEKA capillary tube mats in research and product development demonstrate the advantages of capillary tube technology with regard to energy efficiency and flexibility.