Radiant Heating and Radiant Cooling Solutions with Capillary Tube Mats, Copper Pipe Systems or Polyethylene Pipe Technology

BEKA manufactures components for radiant heating and cooling. Combined heating and cooling ceilings, low-profile underfloor heating and wall heating systems thermally activated with BEKA components ensure an energy-saving and pleasant indoor temperature in all types of buildings.

Our radiant systems deliver perfect thermal conditions for large scale residential housing projects, inside hospitals and for office towers around the world. The BEKA components can also be easily retrofitted when modernising existing buildings. Diverse installation variants and project-specific solutions provide builders and architects with considerable design flexibility and enable individual, energy-efficient and cost-conscious construction.

BEKA's Quality Assurance

Our components for radiant heating and radiant cooling are manufactured under strict quality controls. Durability and reliable functioning are key aspects in our concept for natural air conditioning. We therefore grant a 15-year warranty on all BEKA products.

Radiant Ceiling Heating and Cooling - the Most Natural Form of Indoor Air Conditioning

Radiant heating & cooling ceilings ensure a pleasant indoor climate without air circulation and noise all year round. The invisible installation enables the realisation of modern building types and forms. Discover our various types and installation systems.

Ceiling Heating & Cooling Systems

Installation video of a plaster cooling ceiling with capillary tube mats [1:21min]

Low Profile Underfloor Heating

  • Extremely thin
  • Ideal for retrofitting
  • Quick-response

Radiant Wall Heating

  • Pleasant radiant heat
  • Installation with prefabricated drywall or plaster wall systems
  • No limitations for interior design

Ice Energy Storage

  • Energy-saving cooling performance
  • Capillary tube mats as higly efficient heat exchanger
  • Container integration for flexible installation options

Learn about our Projects

Brief descriptions and technical specifications of selected projects in Germany, Europe and around the world. For over 20 years, radiant heating and cooling solutions from our company have been valued by world-leading architects and engineering companies.

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