Product Sheets for Download

Product Groups

Group A - Connection Technique

Connection Technique

Group B - Prefabricated Units

Prefabricated Units

Group C - Serpentine Copper Tubing

Serpentine Copper Tubing

Group E - Distributor and Base Unit

Distributor and Base Unit

Group F - Fittings


Group K - Capillary Tube Mats K

Capillary Tube Mats K

Group M - Measuring- & Control Engineering

Measuring- & Control Engineering

Group P - Capillary Tube Mats P

Capillary Tube Mats P-Type

Group R - Pipes & Supply Lines

Pipes & Supply Lines

Product Sheet - Heating and Cooling Ceiling with 10 mm PE-RT Single Pipe - Heat Conducting Sheets

Group S - 10 mm Single Pipe with Heat Conducting Sheets

Single Pipe Technology

Group V - Accessory Material

Accessory Material

Group W - Tools


Short Descriptions

Plaster Ceiling - Cooling Ceilings and Heating Ceilings with Capillary Tube Mats

Plaster Cooling Ceilings

Metal Acoustic Ceilings - Cooling Ceilings and Heating Ceilings with Capillary Tube Mats

Metal Acoustics Ceilings

Heating and Cooling Ceilings with BEKA Prefabricated Units

Prefabricated Units

Wall Heating for Plastering

Technical Information

Wall Heating Drywall

Technical Information

Underfloor Heating with BEKA Capillary Tube Mats

Underfloor Heating

Plasterboard heating-cooling ceiling with integrated pipes

Technical Information

Comparison of Radiant Heating Types

System comparison as PDF: conventional underfloor heating vs ceiling heating

Ceiling Heating vs Underfloor Heating

System comparison

Project Descriptions and Applications

BEKA Reference List

Detail List of Projects with Capillary Tube Mats

Municipal Hospital Brandenburg

Project Report

Backer-Bau, Hainichen

Project Report

Flair Hotel Nieder, Bestwig-Ostwig