Individual Room Design without Visible Heating/Cooling Elements

Aesthetics and Design for the Highest Demands

In modern construction, the design of living and working spaces is strongly dictated in terms of the aesthetics by the individual wishes of the occupants. Builders and architects are therefore understandably often looking for thermal room conditioning techniques that are not highly visible, but nevertheless reliably fulfil the required function. At the same time, social demands for achieving energy efficiency and a healthy indoor environment must also be taken into account when deciding on the technical equipment for rooms. BEKA's various products for providing radiant heating and cooling provide the desired design freedom.

Considerable Design Freedom. Considerable Indoor Comfort

Chilled ceilings can also be used for heating. BEKA offers the right components for this twin use – capillary tube mats, serpentine copper tubing or our self-produced single pipe technology. Plaster ceilings, suspended plasterboard ceilings or metal acoustic ceilings can therefore be thermally activated efficiently and highly effectively. BEKA products are also successfully used for underfloor heating and wall heating systems. The thermal room conditioning provided by radiant heat is pleasant and healthy, protects the environment and is also highly responsive and space-saving. This is also interesting when retrofitting buildings.

Benefits for Interior Design

  • Balanced, uniform indoor temperature
  • Invisible, but always functioning
  • Healthy indoor climate


Beautiful Buildings and Modern Technology

Whether for new-build schemes or renovations, these days energy-efficient thermal room conditioning is right at the top of builders’ and architects’ wish list in every building project. Therefore it is always a wise choice to also use chilled ceilings for providing heating. For builders and investors, this twin use of BEKA’s radiant solutions for both cooling and heating with only a single system already optimises the costs when investing in the building services equipment. Later, during system operation, owners and users also benefit from the cost reductions achieved by low energy consumption. This is because BEKA’s radiant heating and cooling systems are energy efficient. Cleverly combining BEKA’s chilled and heated ceiling technology with environmentally compatible, energy-saving and progressive LowEx technology for providing the heating and cooling energy demonstrably reduces energy consumption costs compared with conventional heating and cooling technologies by more than 50%.

This demonstrable and verifiable environmental awareness considerably helps with the certification of buildings according to LEED or DGNB standards, conserves resources and helps to secure the future for tomorrow’s generations.

Whether installed as a cooling and heating ceiling, underfloor heating or wall heating, BEKA capillary tube mats, BEKA serpentine copper tubing or the BEKA single pipe technology will remain invisible to occupants during the subsequent operation of the system.

The occupants will only feel the pleasant effect provided by the room's uniform, draught-free and thus healthy thermal conditioning.

BEKA’s radiant temperature control solutions meet the highest demands with regard to the cooling and heating surfaces. They can even be excellently combined with the room’s acoustic requirements, whereby architects have various options available to them when selecting the desired materials for designing room surfaces. For example, BEKA capillary tube mats can be integrated into acoustically effective plaster-based systems. Acoustic plasterboard ceilings with visible or invisible perforations as well as metal acoustic ceilings can be thermally activated with BEKA capillary tube mats, BEKA serpentine copper tubing or the BEKA single pipe technology.

Do you Require Special Information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc., please let us briefly know what you need.