Wall Heating Drywall - Simple and Fast Thermal Modernisation

In renovation and modernisation, the installation of dry construction systems has prevailed. The retrofitting of wall heating in drywall creates modern, smooth walls and the modernised rooms can be used again quickly. BEKA offers two different systems for installing wall heating / cooling with prefabricated dry construction plasterboards.

Wall heating drywall with capillary tube mats

For the dry construction wall heating with capillary tube mats, BEKA produces prefabricated elements in standard dimensions.

The ready-to-use boards are designed as a sandwich construction. A gypsum plasterboard with a backed capillary tube mat is embedded in a Styrofoam thermal insulation layer. The drywall boards are connected to the supply pipes of the heating circuits via flexible hoses with plug-in couplings.

B.GK12 - Prefabricated element for wall heating in dry construction

Benefits of wall heating drywall

  • Prefabricated components
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Particularly suitable for retrofitting and modernisation

Alternative wall heating

Icon cooling ceiling / wall heating plaster
Wall Heating for Plaster

For gypsum, clay, or lime plaster

Wall heating with 10 mm PE-RT single pipe inside plasterboard

For the drywall wall heating with 10 mm PE-RT single pipe technology, the plasterboard with integrated heating pipes is used. The plasterboard is milled in on the back. The heating pipes fit perfectly in the milled channels. Just like with the capillary mat system, the individual boards are connected to one another and to the heating circuit distributor via plug connectors. Since the PE-RT pipes are diffusion-tight, the wall heating elements can be retrofitted to an existing heating system without the risk of corrosion damage.

BEKA dry construction components

Standard plasterboard itself does not have particularly good thermal conductivity. In the case of drywall with capillary tube mats, this problem is compensated for by the large number and narrow spacing of the heat-transferring capillary tubes. In wall heating with 10 mm PE-RT single pipe technology, the individual heating pipes are milled into the plasterboard only a few millimeters away from the wall surface and thus enable direct heat transfer and high efficiency for drywall heating.

Technical information - wall heating [PDF]

Wall Heating Drywall

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