No Surprises During Installation

For the installation of a radiant heating system, BEKA supplies the heating and air-conditioning technology companies with the capillary tube mats or meandering copper tubes in the project-specific quantities and dimensions, clearly specified and labelled. You give us the concrete material requirements based on a parts list, which was created either by the engineering office as part of detailed planning or by you yourself. After a delivery time of about 3 weeks, BEKA delivers the required material to the construction site. The quantity and quality of other required pipe materials or connection parts that are not manufactured by BEKA can be found in the specification and can be obtained from wholesalers as usual.

The assembly of the BEKA components for radiant heating / cooling saves time and is not a challenge for installers in the field of heating and air conditioning. Traditional connection techniques such as thermal plastic welding, soldering, pressing or simply plug connectors are used for installation.

Components for the realisation of radiant heating / cooling systems in the best quality

Whether plastered cooling ceilings, radiant ceilings with metal cassettes or plasterboard, whether wall heating or thin-layer underfloor heating - BEKA offers heating and air-conditioning technology companies the suitable system components from its own production for each of these technical tasks.

Project-specific adjustments to the modules are also possible in terms of dimensions and design. All of our components are manufactured to strict operational quality assurance standards. The individual production steps are continuously checked, and at the end of the production run a final test is carried out again. That's why we guarantee a 15-year warranty on BEKA products.

The dispatch of the goods is clearly coordinated with the executing trade before the forwarding agent or the transport service provider takes over the goods from us. Reliability in terms of product quality and binding delivery times are a key concern for us. We want you to be able to carry out your project without delay and with high quality craftsmanship.

Installation Benefits

  • Proven Technology
  • Project-specific production in quantities and dimensions
  • Standard connection technology
  • Close cooperation with BEKA Support
  • Short delivery time


The installation of heating and cooling surfaces is a matter for the specialist trade

Specialist installers for heating and air-conditioning technology are very familiar with the manual installation of heating and cooling ceilings, wall heating or underfloor heating. Where the installation of the BEKA components requires a few special instructions, our technical support is there to help the specialist trade.

Regardless of whether it is about the installation of capillary tube mats, meandering copper tubes or 10 mm PE-RT tubes, all types have been tried and tested for many years and are produced for uncomplicated, quick assembly. Technical information is available in words and images for the standard installation variants in heated and chilled ceilings, wall heating and underfloor heating. These instructions are coordinated with the specifications of the manufacturers of other building materials used in the construction.

BEKA's technical support will assist the trades involved in all other questions relating to the installation of our capillary tube mats, meandering copper tubes or single tube technology. We see the installer as our key on-site partner – where heating and cooling surfaces are to be built and the calculated output is to be provided.

Installation technologies

For heating and cooling ceilings in plaster capillary tube mats are the common choice. The capillary tube mats are attached to the raw ceiling with cleaning pins. The cleaning pins, which are actually only intended to hold the plaster, are also used here to hang up the capillary tube mats.

Capillary tube mats or meandering copper tubes are glued to capillary tube mats or meandering copper tubes in the factory for good thermal conductivity. This shortens the assembly time on the construction site.

Plasterboard ceilings are thermally activated with capillary tube mats or meandering copper tubes or with BEKA single tube technology. With the 10 mm single pipe technology in drywall, a type with heat-conducting sheets and a type with an integrated pipe are available. The substructure of the plasterboard ceiling follows the standard rules of dry construction.

Connection options

Thermal plastic welding of polypropylene pipes is simple and low in material costs. Connections in copper pipes are soft-soldered as standard or with press connections to save time. Almost no tools are required for installing plug-in connectors in the pipe systems. This modern type of connection technology is reliable and no less secure than other possibilities for connecting pipes.

Do you Require Special Information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc, please let us briefly know what you need.

Computer model of the assembly hall, Gustav-Heinemann-Schule (kklf. Architekten)

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