BEKA Capillary Tube Mats Use the Natural Capillary Effect for Heat Transfer

Successfully learning from nature: Almost all organisms use liquids for heat storage and heat transfer to regulate their microclimate. The liquid is distributed over a large area by a fine capillary network just below the surface. The efficiency and effectiveness of such a biological system was perfected in a continuous selection principle. The radiant heating and cooling with capillary tube mats is based on this evolutionary technology and thus enables the most natural form of modern room air conditioning.

Perfectly even heat distribution

BEKA’s capillary tube mats are made of pure and highly recyclable polypropylene. The narrow spacing between the thin capillary tubes andand the position of the capillary tube mat, just below the surface to be thermally activated, lead to uniform surface temperatures with high energy efficiency. This results in very short reaction times of the heating and cooling surfaces and also a very even temperature distribution which is perceived as very pleasant.

Advantages of Capillary Tube Technology

  • Particularly energy efficient
  • Even heat distribution
  • Suitable for heating and cooling
  • Diverse uses
  • Wide assortment
  • Good value for money

High flexibility, diverse application possibilities

Capillary tube mats can be built into all standard ceiling constructions. The fine dimensions of the capillary tubes with an outer diameter of only 3.35 mm give the capillary tube mats a high degree of flexibility. This flexibility also enables problem-free installation in structures that deviate from the standard. Even the thermal activation of vaulted and curved ceiling structures is possible with capillary tube technology.

There is also a wide range of different types of capillary tube mats. Depending on the application, capillary tube diameters and spacing between the capillary tubes vary, so that suitable types of mats are available for heating and cooling ceilings, wall heating, underfloor heating or for use as surface collectors. Our selection of special applications further illustrates the many possible uses of capillary mats as heat exchanger. The capillary tube technology can be applied equally for new buildings or for the modernization of residential and office buildings.

BEKA Systems

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Low profile underfloor heating with capillary tube mats

Capillary tube mats - top heating and cooling performance

The small diameter of the capillary tubes enables the capillary tube mats to be installed close to the ceiling surface. This minimizes the thermal resistance from the heating / cooling water to the thermally activated surface. The heating and cooling ceiling reacts to temperature changes in just a few minutes and achieves high specific heating and cooling capacities. It is irrelevant that the capillary tubes are made of plastic because the wall thickness of the capillary tubes is only 0.5 mm or 0.8 mm and thus hardly contributes to the overall thermal resistance. The ceiling heating with capillary tube mats can be operated with low flow temperatures. The result is high energy efficiency.

The large number of capillary tubes supports this effect and also ensures a very even surface temperature that is close to the mean water temperature. Test certificates for the standard cooling capacity according to EN14240 and the standard heating capacity according to EN14037 are available for standard installation situations.

Highest quality standards for a long service life

The BEKA capillary tube mats are manufactured on special machines at our location in Berlin Pankow in compliance with strict quality regulations. Every production step is checked and recorded. The construction dimensions of the individual mats and in particular the welded connections between the capillary tubes and the main tubes are designed for durability and reliability. The polypropylene used is pure and of high quality.

Our quality standards ensure that air conditioning with capillary tube technology is not only natural but also durable. With a 15-year guarantee on all BEKA capillary tube mats, we express our conviction and offer our customers maximum security.

Capillary tube mats - choice of types