React Flexibly to Changes

Good technical solutions prove their advantages especially in everyday construction site practice. The BEKA single pipe technology is a consequent further development of the plastic pipe technology for underfloor heating to create fast-reacting and energy-efficient ceiling heating / cooling. The arrangement of the 10 mm heating pipes can be adapted on the construction site in order to be able to react flexibly to planning changes and obstacles.

Easy and safe installation

With BEKA single pipe technology, heating and cooling surfaces are put together from a few components directly on the construction site. The individual installation steps are almost self-explanatory and can be carried out without special tools. The single pipes are connected to the sub-distributor connection groups using a safe and easy-to-use plug-in coupling technology.

The arrangement of the heating pipes can be rearranged even during the installation phase. Thus, unplanned obstacles can be taken into account when laying pipes. The individual components of the single pipe technology are compatible with one another and optimized for safe, fast and flexible installation.

Advantages of the Single Pipe Technology System

  • Adjustment of the pipe arrangement during installation
  • Clear separation of the trade services
  • Assembly almost without tools
  • Good heating and cooling performance
  • Suitable for modernization

Reusable technology

What if changes occur during the construction phase and the heating and cooling surfaces have already been laid? As quickly as the components of the single pipe technology are assembled, they can be disassembled. The materials can be reused and reassembled without any restrictions in terms of quality or reliability.

Due to the standardization and the high manufacturing quality of the components, the parts have a high repeat accuracy and can also be added or replaced later. We can provide any necessary subsequent deliveries from our warehouse in the shortest possible time so that there are no expensive delays on the construction site.

Retrofittable quality

For the single pipe technology, PE-RT 5-layer composite pipes with a diameter of 10 mm are used. The PE-RT pipe is highly flexible with very good strength values and has high impact strength. This ensures a long service life with high pressure and temperature resistance. Processing at low ambient temperatures is also not a problem.

The 5-layer composite pipe is diffusion-tight according to DIN 4726 ISO 24033/22391/21003. This quality allows the use of single pipe technology not only for new installations, but also for retrofitting existing heating systems.

Laying them in close proximity to the surface ensures high heating and cooling performance.

Systems with 10 mm PE-RT Single Pipe

Icon ceiling heating / wall heating dry construction
Heating & Cooling Ceilings Dry Construction

10 mm PE-RT pipe for retrofitting radiant heating and cooling

Icon cooling ceiling / wall heating plaster
Heating & Cooling Ceilings Plaster

10 mm PE-RT pipe for plaster systems

Icon underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating

10 mm PE-RT pipe for retrofitting a low profile underfloor heating