Practice Shows – Flexibility is an Advantage

Construction Sites are Where Experience is Garnered

Good technical solutions reveal their advantages in day-to-day building site practice. The BEKA single pipe technology is a consistent further development of standard plastic tube technology for underfloor heating systems to create a technical solution for the rapid-response and energy-efficient thermal conditioning of ceilings.

The Reason for BEKA Single Pipe Technology – Because it Fits

The arrangement of BEKA single pipes is first determined on the construction site, during the installation phase. This enables unforeseen obstacles to be circumvented when laying the pipes. The individual components of the BEKA single pipe technology system are compatible with one another and selected for secure and easy installation.

BEKA single pipe technology – safety to the fore

The BEKA single pipe technology utilises PE-RT 5-layer composite pipes with 10 mm diameters. The PE-RT pipes are highly flexible with excellent strength values and high impact resistance. This ensures a long service life with high pressure and temperature resistance, and also enables processing at low ambient temperatures.

Advantages of the Single Pipe Technology System

  • The arrangement of the individual tubes can be adjusted
  • Clean separation of specialist trades
  • Installation almost without tools

Systems with 10 mm PE-RT Single Pipe

Icon ceiling heating / wall heating dry construction
Heating & Cooling Ceilings Dry Construction

Heating and cooling with 10 mm PE-RT pipe

Icon cooling ceiling / wall heating plaster
Heating & Cooling Ceilings Plaster

10 mm PE-RT pipe for plaster systems

Icon underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating

Low profile underfloor heating with 10 mm PE-RT pipe

High Performance and Easy, Secure Installation

With BEKA single pipe technology, the cooling and heating surfaces are assembled from only a few structural parts on the building site. The individual installation steps are almost self-explanatory and do not require special tools. BEKA single pipes are connected to the BEKA sub-manifold connection groups via secure and easy-to-use plug-in coupling technology.

A clean installation is rewarded with a correspondingly high cooling and heating performance.

On the building site, it is often necessary to implement the right, technically adapted solution as quickly as possible when changes occur in the processes and planning. Necessary adjustments when laying the BEKA single pipe system can be achieved quickly. The components in the BEKA single pipe technology system can be disassembled just as quickly as they are assembled. The components can also be reused without compromising their quality and reliability.

The components in the BEKA single pipe technology system are standardised, which is why BEKA always keeps these in stock. Extra components can therefore be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Quality creates productivity

The 5-layer composite tube is diffusion-tight according to DIN 4726 ISO 24033/22391/21003. With a view to protecting the system against corrosion in line with conventional technology, this defined quality enables the BEKA single pipe technology system to be easily installed in cooling and heating systems – not only in new-build but also retrofitting schemes.

The individual components in the BEKA single pipe technology system are configured according to strict quality guidelines. The parts are therefore accurately repeatable and can be extended or replaced later.

The PE-RT, 5-layer composite tubes are fitted into the aluminium heat conducting profiles to provide good thermal conduction or are completely embedded in a layer of plaster.