Underfloor Heating with the Advantages of a Low Profile System

Retrofit uniform heat and energy efficiency in existing buildings.

Warm water underfloor heating is widely used and accepted for providing radiant heating and in some cases also cooling especially in new buildings. However, with the traditional construction, unnecessarily high flow temperatures and slow reaction behavior are accepted due to the layer thickness of the heated screed.

This is not the case with thin layer underfloor heating: the heating pipes are close to the surface and at a small distance from one another. Both the BEKA capillary tube mats and our 10 mm single tube technology are suitable components for low profile systems.

Thin layer underfloor heating with BEKA capillary mats

The structural design of water-based thin layer underfloor heating systems corresponds to the general regulations for radiant heating. If the subsoil has sufficient load-bearing capacity, the underfloor heating can be installed directly on the existing floor. This is particularly advantageous for modernisation and retrofitting projects, saves costs and shortens the construction time.

Within the construction, the thin capillary tubes of the BEKA mats with an outer diameter of 4.5 mm only have to be covered by a leveling and sealing compound (approved by the manufacturer for underfloor heating), which must have a total layer thickness of 10 mm. The new surface finish for the floor can then be placed on this layer.

P.VS20 - Capillary tube mat for thin layer underfloor heating

Advantages of low profile underfloor heating

  • Low installation height
  • Low flow temperatures
  • High energy efficiency
  • Rapid thermal response
  • Even heat distribution
  • Ideal for retrofitting underfloor heating
  • Connection to the existing heating system

Technical data and layer structure [PDF]: low profile underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating with BEKA Capillary Tube Mats

Underfloor Heating

Retrofit low profile underfloor heating with BEKA single pipe technology

The heating pipes of the BEKA single pipe system for low profile underfloor heating have an outside diameter of 10 mm. They can be installed in knobbed mats or clamp rails. The minimum layer thickness of the leveling and sealing compound approved by the manufacturer for underfloor heating, with which the heating pipes are poured over, is 17 mm.

A polyethylene RT 5-layer composite pipe is used, diffusion-tight according to DIN 4726 ISO 24033/22391/21003. With regard to corrosion protection, this defined quality allows BEKA underfloor heating to be retrofitted to existing heating systems. The material quality together with the low installation height make the thin underfloor heating with single pipe technology interesting for smaller modernisation projects in existing buildings.

Technical data 10 mm PE-RT heating pipe


Up for a DIY solution? Retrofit low profile underfloor heating with heating kits from FLEXIRO

Fast response to temperature changes, very even surface temperatures, high specific heat output at flow temperatures from 30°C - these are the advantages of low profile underfloor heating.