Warm Walls Create Cosiness

A room with wall heating immediately spreads perceptible comfort. Warm walls are reminiscent of the cosy warmth emitted by tiled stoves. Through the installation of BEKA capillary tube mats or BEKA single pipe technology, each wall becomes a radiator. However, the required hot water temperatures are comparatively low compared with traditional cast-iron radiators or steel-plate panel heaters. This improves the energy efficiency of the heating system. And a wall heating system can also be used, of course, to provide cooling in summer.

BEKA Capillary Tube Mats or BEKA Single Pipe Technology as Plaster-Based Systems

Plaster-based wall heating systems are classic wall heating technology. This kind of wall heating can be advantageously built with both BEKA capillary tube mats and BEKA single pipe technology. Thin plaster thicknesses are enough to cover the heating tubes. Various plaster qualities can be used. For example, gypsum, clay and lime plasters are suitable.

Builders’ and developers’ wishes can therefore be realised in accordance with their decisions. Engineers or installers are encouraged to make recommendations with regard to the project-specific optimum technology.


Wall Heating in Plaster-Based Systems

Wall heating in plaster-based systems


Wall Heating in Dry-Lining Systems

Wall heating in dry-lining systems

Advantages of Wall Heating

  • Pleasant radiant heat
  • The wall simultaneously acts as an energy store
  • Well suited for retrofitting



Heat Distribution with Wall Heating

Dry-Lining Systems with BEKA Capillary Tube Mats or Single Pipe Technology

Dry-lined wall heating systems are easy to install; they create smooth and straight walls and are therefore always an excellent option, especially when modernising individual rooms. BEKA offers factory-made, prefabricated construction elements in standard dimensions with integrated BEKA capillary tube mats or BEKA single pipe technology for dry-lined wall heating.

Project-specific dry-lined constructions can also be thermally activated with BEKA capillary tube mats or the BEKA single pipe technology.

Wall heating in dry-lining systems

Dry-Lining Panel with BEKA Single Pipe Technology