Specialist Planning for Building Technology – an Indispensable Planning Service for Functioning System Installations

As specialist planners for building technology, engineers know about the relationships between heating and cooling requirements, heat transfer, water volumes, pressure losses and heating and cooling capacities. Our technical support is available for all specific questions about the technical properties of our capillary tube mats, copper meanders and 10 mm single tube technology. Our wide range of products should offer answers to most of the technical challenges of thermal room conditioning. If this is not the case, project-specific product adjustments are often possible.

The planning and calculation of surface heating / cooling is standardised through standard tests. In this way, technical solutions can be quickly compared with one another and heating / cooling performance can be put into relation. On this basis, a project-specific decision can be made as to whether capillary tube mats, copper meanders or single tube technology is the most suitable technology for building thermal conditioning.

Cost-optimised specialist planning

Due to the possibility of choosing between capillary tube mats, copper tube meanders or single tube technology, the specialist planning can design the required heating / cooling capacity in a cost-optimised manner. The choice between metal cassette ceilings, chilled plaster ceilings or plasterboard ceilings as heating and cooling ceilings offers additional design options. Also relevant for planning: Walls and floors can also be efficiently thermally activated with BEKA technologies. In some cases, the combination of ceiling heating with wall or underfloor heating provides the optimum heating / cooling performance.

Benefits for the specialist planning

  • Three technical solutions for different project needs
  • BEKA - the component manufacturer as a partner
  • High energy efficiency - best possible cost optimization

That fits: specialist planning and technical support from BEKA

While the specialist engineer has the general knowledge of surface temperature control and the basic structural design of heating and cooling ceilings, wall heating and underfloor heating, BEKA support can provide a variety of technical information for the specific calculation and design of heating and cooling surfaces with capillary tube mats, copper tube meanders or single tube technology. Our notes on the installation situations are matched with the manufacturers of the additional building materials for a ceiling, floor or wall construction. In this way, all questions in the draft planning and later in the detailed planning can be answered with certainty - secured by the experience of the BEKA technicians. Easy-to-use calculation tools are available as aids for equipping the areas with heating and cooling capacities and for taking into account possible pressure losses. The performance specifications are proved for many standard installation situations of the BEKA capillary tube mats, meandering copper tubes and single tube technology through standard-compliant tests.

Thermographic images heated / chilled ceiling

The thermographic recordings of heating and cooling surfaces with BEKA capillary tube technology illustrate the particularly even temperature distribution on the surface. This is the prerequisite for maximum thermal comfort and high heating and cooling performance.

Product selection

Our wide range of products is the answer to the diverse applications and operating conditions that can be found in the heated and chilled ceiling market. The chosen material combinations stand for trust and a high level of acceptance among builders and installers alike. Whether plaster cooling ceiling with capillary tube mats or metal cassette ceiling with copper tube, BEKA Support provides all the technical information required to assess the technical solution.

Do you Require Special Information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc., please let us briefly know what you need.