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Who we are and what we do

BEKA develops system solutions for modern radiant heating and cooling of residential, office and industrial buildings. For this purpose, we produce the necessary components: capillary tube mats, serpentine copper tubes and single tube systems. They are primarily used in heated and chilled ceilings, wall heating, underfloor heating and in ice thermal storage. We make great efforts to ensure the best possible manufacturing quality and thus the long service life of our products.

The success of the capillary tube mat

Since the invention of the capillary tube mats for heating and cooling more than 30 years ago, the owners and employees of BEKA have been among the pioneers of innovative technology for heating / cooling ceilings. The origin of capillary tube technology goes back to the inventor and entrepreneur Donald Herbst. In the 1980s, the qualified air conditioning engineer was looking for a technical solution for efficient, energy-saving temperature control in houses. Inspired by nature, he designed a mat made of thin tubes arranged in large numbers next to each other. These imitate the capillary network, which - in leaves and under the skin surface of living beings - is used very efficiently for temperature regulation and the transport of substances and energy.

Thus the technology of the capillary tube mat was born, which has been continuously further developed by Donald Herbst and now also for more than 20 years by BEKA with numerous patents and inventions. Under the leadership of Mr Herbst, the first houses were equipped with capillary tube mats back in the 1980s with EU funding. Since then, the success of this technology has continued to spread. BEKA can point to numerous references from the last 25 years in Germany and on international markets - from high-rise buildings to small residential units, in office and administrative buildings as well as in health care buildings and hospitals.

A few years ago, BEKA also added the production of meandering copper pipes and 10 mm PE-RT single pipe systems to its range in order to expand the range of technical solutions and better take into account the different requirements on construction sites. With the single pipe technology, very flexible forms of ceiling design can be realised.

5 reasons for BEKA systems

  • Healthy indoor climate and energy efficiency
  • Product variety for flexible technical solutions
  • Manufacturing with many years of experience
  • Sustainable products with a quality promise - 15 year warranty
  • Short-term delivery times - standard delivery time only 2 weeks
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High-quality component manufacturing with a systematic approach

Our contribution to your project success

A system with ceiling heating and cooling, wall heating or underfloor heating is a complex construction of technical components. The best possible yield in terms of comfort and energy efficiency can only be achieved if all components are selected and installed in a well-coordinated manner. By installing BEKA capillary tube mats, meandering copper tubes or single tube technology in your heating and cooling system, you are opting for components that work very efficiently. BEKA assures you that the manufacture of these components meets the highest quality standards.

Nevertheless, the BEKA component alone is not a guarantee for the best possible function of a system for radiant heating and cooling. For the well-coordinated interaction of all system components, competent system planning in advance and the technically flawless installation of all components must also be ensured. BEKA's technical support will be happy to assist you with these questions as well.

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Guaranteed long-lasting capillary tube mats, copper pipe meanders and elements with PE-RT single pipe for the thermal activation of ceilings, walls and floors.

Do you require special information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc, please let us briefly know what you need.

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