Who We Are and What We Do

BEKA Heiz- und Kühlmatten GmbH produces capillary tube mats, serpentine copper tubing and single pipe technology for use in radiant heating and cooling ceilings, wall heating systems and underfloor heating with the ambition to always offer the very best quality.

Production with Many Years of Experience

Since the invention of plastic capillary tube mats for heating and cooling more than 30 years ago, BEKA owners and employees have been among the pioneers of the innovative technology for radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems. The capillary tube technology originates from inventor and entrepreneur Donald Herbst. In the 1980s, the graduate air-conditioning engineer sought a technical solution for efficient, energy-saving thermal conditioning of houses. Inspired by nature, he designed a mat consisting of a large number of thin tubes arranged alongside one another. These mimic the capillary network used very efficiently for regulating temperature and transporting substances and energy in leaves and under the skin of living organisms: the capillary tube mat technology was born! It has been continually improved by Donald Herbst for more than 20 years through BEKA with numerous patents and inventions. The first houses equipped with capillary tube mats were built in the 1980s by Donald Herbst with the help of EU funding. Since then, this successful technology has continued to spread. BEKA can boast an impressive list of reference projects from the past 20 years on both the domestic and international markets – ranging from high-rise apartment buildings to small residential schemes, and from office and administrative buildings to healthcare facilities.

Specialised Component Production with a Systematic Approach

Our contribution to your success

Whether radiant heating, cooling ceilings, radiant walls or underfloor heating, these are always complex technical systems that can only produce maximum results in terms of comfort and energy efficiency when all components have been selected and installed in a well-coordinated manner. With the installation of BEKA capillary tube mats, BEKA serpentine copper tubing or the BEKA single pipe technology in your radiant heating and cooling system, you have opted for very efficient components. BEKA ensures that these components are manufactured to highest quality standards.

However, the BEKA components alone will not determine the best possible functioning of your system. Expert, advance system planning and the proficient installation of all components are ultimately decisive for the well-coordinated interplay of all system components. BEKA's technical support service will be happy to assist you in these aspects.

We Offer You

  • Production of capillary tube mats, serpentine copper tubing and single pipe systems
  • Short supply times - Takes generally only 2 weeks to deliver
  • Production according to strict, operational quality standards



The capillary tube mats, serpentine copper tubing and BEKA single pipe technology manufactured by BEKA enable ceilings, walls and floors to be thermally activated in different versions.

Do you Require Special Information?

Every project has its own special requirements, which even the detailed information provided by our extensive website might not be able to cover. If you require particular details, profit calculations, cost estimates, etc, please let us briefly know what you need.