Plasterboard with Integrated 10 mm PE-RT Heating Pipe

Heating-cooling ceiling in dry construction in just a few assembly steps

With this dry construction variant for heated and chilled ceilings, the 10 mm PE-RT heating pipe was already inserted into the plasterboard at the factory. It enables the heating installation and ceiling panel mounting to be combined into one work step. This saves time and effort on the construction site.

15 mm plasterboard according to drywall specifications serve as the basis. The standard dimensions are 2,000 mm × 1,250 mm. Special dimensions can be made for special ceiling conditions. The drywall panels are milled at the factory. The single pipe is then inserted into the milling channels.

On the construction site, the plasterboard with the integrated heating pipe is simply screwed onto the CD profiles of the drywall construction. The drywall sheets are pre-drilled so that the single pipe is not damaged when the screws are set. The individual plates are interconnected to form small heating circuits. The heating circuits are routed to the mini-distributor connection point. The assembly takes place without tools via plug connectors. The edge areas of the ceiling and the area of ​​the supply lines are sealed with commercially available plasterboards.

Characteristics of the plasterboard ceiling with integrated 10 mm PE-RT heating pipe

  • Flexibility in planning and assembly
  • Special dimensions possible
  • Minimal assembly effort
  • Simple, reliable plug-in system
  • Good heating and cooling performance
  • Good value for money

Performance as a heating and cooling ceiling

It is not only the quick, inexpensive installation and the flexibility on the construction site that speak in favor of heated-chilled ceilings made of plasterboard with integrated heating pipes. The specific heating and cooling capacities of this drywall variant are also above average. The installation spacing of the single pipes of only 60 mm makes a decisive contribution to this. The arrangement of the heating pipes close to the surface also ensures that the heating-cooling ceiling reacts quickly. The 10 mm 5-layer PE-RT heating pipe guarantees durability and diffusion density. For this reason, this system is also suitable for retrofitting ceiling heating-cooling in existing systems.