Concrete Component Activation, Yes – but Not Concrete Core Activation

The near-surface component activation with BEKA capillary tube mats or 10 mm single tube technology is an answer to the weaknesses of concrete core activation technology with thick tubes that are located in the middle of the component construction. It reacts comparatively quickly to temperature changes and achieves high heating and cooling capacities.

Concrete component activation with BEKA capillary tube mats

When activating components close to the surface with BEKA capillary tube mats, the fine dimensions of the capillary tubes with an external diameter of 4.5 mm are only a few millimeters above the finished concrete ceiling surface. In this design, the capillary tubes have proven themselves in many practical experiences, even under difficult operating conditions and tough building procedures.

In-situ concrete ceilings can be activated as well as precast concrete parts that are produced in the concrete factory. The achievable heating and cooling performance is comparable to the values of standard heating and cooling ceilings. Due to their particular robustness, the BEKA capillary tube mats P.VS30 or P.VG30 are used for thermal activation of components close to the surface.

Advantages of Near-Surface Concrete Component Activation

  • Responds quickly to temperature changes
  • Utilises the construction component to store energy
  • High cooling and heating capacities


Near-surface concrete component activation with 10 mm PE-RT pipe

The BEKA single pipe technology is suitable for installing near-surface concrete component activation under difficult construction site conditions and at low ambient temperatures. The robust and durable PE-RT composite pipes remain flexible even at low outside temperatures and are not at risk of breaking.

The pipes, which are just 10 mm thick, lie below the top reinforcement and thus close to the finished concrete ceiling surface. A quick thermal reaction of the ceiling is thus guaranteed. With the same flow temperatures, significantly higher heating and cooling capacities are achieved than with conventional concrete core temperature control (CCT) with thick pipes.

Similar to the capillary tube mats, this technology is also suitable for installation in in-situ concrete ceilings and for the thermal activation of prefabricated concrete parts.

Whether in-situ concrete or prefabricated concrete parts - the near-surface component activation guarantees a fast thermal reaction and high energy efficiency.

Types of capillary tube mats for component thermal activation

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