P.VG30 Type capillary tube mat

The P.VG30 capillary tube mat is the ideal mat type for concrete component activation and thick-bed underfloor heating systems as well as for high-temperature engineering systems, industrial plants and in installations continuously loaded with hot water. Thanks to its higher overall stability, this type of capillary tube mat is particularly suited for rugged construction applications, such as in combination with precast concrete panel structures.

P.VG30 mats feature a higher pressure class rating, PN20.

Technical Data:

MaterialType 3 polypropylene random copolymer, DIN 8078
Collector pipe Ø 20 x 3.4 mm
Collector tube Ø 4.5 × 0.8 mm
Capillary tube spacing (A)30 mm
Lenght (L)750- 6,000 mm (in 10 mm increments)
Width(B)460 - 1,210 mm (in 30 mm increments)
Mass when filled479 g/m² (without collector)
Exchange surface0.452 m²/m²
Water content0.211 l/ m²
Cooling capacity*80 W/m²
Permissible heating water temperature80°C
Operating pressuremax. 20 bar
Connection for butt and socket welds 00 (without connections)
Field of applicationUnderfloor heating, concrete component activation, casting in concrete

*Capacity achieved under defined conditions

Group P capillary tube mats