Heated / Chilled Ceiling as Metal Cassette Ceiling with Capillary Tube Mats

At first glance, the combination of metal cassette and plastic capillary tube mat does not appear to be made for a high-performance heating / cooling component. However, the basic principle of capillary tube technology also achieves high energy efficiency in combination with metal cassettes or ceiling panels. It is not just the thermal conductivity of the raw material that determines the heating / cooling performance, but the heat transfer resistance of the entire surface. The thin capillary tubes are only 10 mm apart. This compensates for the low thermal conductivity of the polypropylene and ensures a very even surface temperature.

Maximising the thermally activated area

The capillary tube mats for the thermal activation of metal cassettes have a capillary tube diameter of 3.35 mm with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm and are spaced 10 mm apart. In addition, capillary tube mats can be manufactured and inserted with an accuracy of a few millimeters into almost any format of the ceiling cassette. This maximises the thermally active surface of the ceiling.

The flexible, thin capillary tubes also adapt well to an unevenness of the ceiling panels. Gluing the capillary tubes in the cassette is advantageous, but should remain flexible. A rigid bond, as with the copper pipe meanders, tends to de-glue under the influence of temperature, which would significantly reduce the heat transfer from the cassette surface to the heat-conducting pipes.

Advantages of Metal Cassette Ceiling with Capillary Tube Technology

  • Format-independent, maximum activation
  • No influence on the acoustics
  • Good value for money

Alternative system

Quick assembly through pre-sorting

BEKA capillary tube mats are manufactured with millimeter precision for the corresponding cassette format. At the customer's request, the capillary tube mats can be glued into the ceiling cassettes already at the BEKA production. The individual cassettes with the capillary tube mats glued in are then sorted and packed by us according to a project-specific parts list. This service helps to avoid unnecessary sorting work on the construction site. Alternatively, the capillary tube mats can also be inserted into the ceiling cassettes on site by the construction team. This is particularly interesting for modernization projects. Covering the capillary tube mat with mineral fiber insulation (welded into PE foil) is advantageous if this construction is also used to press the capillary tubes into the cassette.

The capillary tube mats are quickly and securely connected to each other and to the supply pipelines using flexible hoses and plug connector technology. The supply pipelines can also be prefabricated from polypropylene tubing with inserted plug-in couplings. Associated products can be found under Product Group Z.

When gluing the capillary tube mats to the ceiling panels, it is important that the individual capillary tubes have good heat-conducting contact with the metal panel.

Capillary tube mats for metal cassettes or ceiling panels