BEKA Components for Radiant Heating and Cooling

BEKA produces heating and cooling elements for radiant thermal conditioning. The polypropylene capillary tube mats, single pipe systems with multi-layer composite tubes or classic copper tubing bent with serpentine curves are manufactured for specific projects and are supplied on the basis of project-specific parts lists. Typical applications for BEKA components include radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems, radiant wall heating and low profile underfloor heating systems. The product range also includes special accessories and the required connection technology.

Capillary Tube Mats Group K

K.S15 Type capillary tube mat

The K.S15 capillary tube mat is the optimum mat type for plaster-based heating and cooling ceilings. The thin plaster or skimming layer enables the chilled ceilings to have a response time of less than 15 minutes.



Capillary Tube Mats Group P

P.VS20 Type capillary tube mat

The P.VS20 capillary tube mat is the ideal mat type for thin-bed underfloor heating systems, high-temperature engineering systems, industrial plants and in installations continuously loaded with hot water. Thanks to its higher...

Copper Pipe Meander Group C

C.M10.65 Type serpentine copper tubing

C.M10.65 serpentine copper tubing with extra wide heat transfer profiles for optimal heat transfer and even heat distribution on the surface being thermally conditioned. The serpentine copper tubing is used for thermally...

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Single Pipe System

Single Pipe System

The BEKA single pipe technology utilises 10 mm-diameter, 5-layer PE-RT composite pipes. PE-RT tubes are highly flexible with excellent strength values and high impact strength ensuring long service life with high pressure and...

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Capillary Tube Mat Group B

Capillary Tube Mats Group B

B.GK12 Type capillary tube mat type, wall version

The B.GK12 capillary tube mat is a prefabricated unit. These prefabricated units are specially designed for dry-lined construction and can be used for both ceilings and walls. Prefabricated units are prepared in the factory for...

Pipes & Suppy Lines Group R, Z

Z.ES supply line, single outlet

BEKA supply lines come in various versions and diameters. Custom-made versions, for example with angles, screw connections and other fittings, can also be supplied. Supply lines are manufactured either according to standard...