Detail Section of a Plaster Ceiling with the BEKA Single Pipe System
Detail Section of a Plaster Ceiling with the BEKA Single Pipe System

The Flexible Nature of Plaster Ceilings

The flexible pipe laying enabled by the BEKA single pipe technology makes it possible to thermally activate even awkwardly shaped ceiling surfaces.

Design Freedom and Assured Success

Thanks to the excellent flexibility provided by BEKA single pipes, the pipes can be laid out under the ceiling so that surfaces which would otherwise be difficult to access can also be thermally activated. The narrow diameter of BEKA single pipes, which are just 10 mm wide, enables all the tubes to be embedded in the roughly 3-cm plaster layer. A slightly larger construction space is merely required for the connection points. However, this space can also be placed outside the surface being thermally conditioned, for example in a corridor.



Single Pipe Systems

Plaster cooling ceilings with single pipe technology

Advantages of Plaster Ceilings with BEKA Single Pipe Technology 

  • Activated area can still be  adjusted on site during construction
  • Simple and secure installation without special tools
  • Can be fitted into existing installations

Standardised Construction Components and Easy Installation

The plaster ceiling with BEKA single pipe technology is assembled on site from the individual components for this system. No special tools are required. The individual steps for the installation are clear and simply structured. After priming the ceiling slab, the tube clip rails are fastened to the ceiling according to the installation plan. The BEKA single pipes are then installed in accordance with the specified tube lengths by lightly pressing the tubes into the clip rails. Each single line is routed to the appropriate connection point and connected using a simple plug-in coupling.

The necessary mechanical plaster fixtures are then installed in coordination with the plastering contractors.

Installing the Plug-in Coupling
Installing the Plug-in Coupling

The PE-RT pipes are entirely embedded in the plaster. This enables the entire tube surface to provide an intensive exchange of heat.